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Chester Tri Cycle

On Saturday we had 30 cyclists in for lunch after cycling all the way from Chester, and all made it back for the coach at 5pm – quite an achievement! Visit their website here:

Lambing Time

We have had a extremely busy 4 weeks as baby lambs were born thick and fast! 750 sheep have lambed in the past few weeks, with 50 left to give birth. We would like to thank our friends and family for the help we’ve had over the last few weeks and we will be looking forward to a rest once the lambing season is over.

Two new additions to the farm!

We welcomed two new residents to the farm on Monday, two baby ducklings! They are Welsh Harlequinn ducklings and are about 4 weeks old. At the moment they are living inside to keep them warm whilst they are young, and once they are old enough we will introduce them to their new home on our pond.